Collesi Limoncello


Collesi Limoncello is a liqueur born from the infusion of the best Italian lemons

Fresh and balanced

Collesi Limoncello is produced with the best Italian lemons that, after careful selection, are infused in alcohol for 2 months in steel tanks where the product assumes the typical taste and color of limoncello. It’s a fresh and delightfully pleasant product to drink. Collesi Limoncello is a real treat after a meal, a refreshing and delicious digestif perfect for summer evenings.

Organoleptic Properties
Collesi Limoncello is a liqueur made with lemon peels and it has an alcohol content of 30% vol. With a characteristic yellow color, it’s a sweet liqueur obtained by soaking lemon peels in pure alcohol with the addition of a water and sugar-based syrup. The liqueur immediately affects the olfactory with the fragrance and the aromas of lemon peel conveyed through the ethereal notes of alcohol. The taste is soft, balanced and sweet. Drink it straight, with ice or directly from the refrigerator. It’s excellent when accompanied by an ice cream or fruit salad-no one can resist its typical Italian taste.


Alcohol by Volume: 30%
Available Size: 700 ML BOTTLE
Serving Temperature: 6/7°
Category: LIQUEUR
Aging: NO

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