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Raw Material
Collesi Dry Gin is based on an ancient recipe created by Giuseppe Collesi and is made using the best Italian ingredients. These raw materials are skilfully distilled in a bain-marie, using the discontinuous steam method, where the head and tail are eliminated, in order to isolate the heart, which is rich in the fragrances that clearly identity the botanicals used. After the distillation phase, the gin is left to rest for at least 6 months in steel silos, after which the desired proof is obtained by adding the purest water from Mount Nerone, refrigerated to -8°C for at least 36 hours in order to eliminate all the essential oils from distillation and give the spirit its clean characteristics.
The gin is then filtered 5 times before being bottled.

Organoleptic Properties
Collesi Dry Gin is elegant and modern, unleashing all its freshness and offering a generous sensory experience. The dry notes of juniper blend with the fragrance of sage, rosemary and rose petals.
With an extraordinarily refreshing and delicate effect.


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The secret of Collesi Gin is in the excellence and variety of ingredients.

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