Saaz Hop Gin Collesi


Noble and balsamic

Raw Material
The strong personality of this gin derives from the Saaz hop, a noble variety originating from the Czech Republic famous for its delicate spice and herbal aroma. The ingredients, all accurately selected, include rosemary, mint and precious juniper berries from the Apennine Mountains, mixed with the purest water from Monte Nerone. The botanicals, carefully dosed, are left to infuse in a pure-grain alcohol base. The infusion is then later diluted with Monte Nerone water, refrigerated at -15°C for at least 30 hours, filtered and bottled.

Organoleptic Properties
Clear and bright, it captivates with its dynamic and full flavor. Its well-modulated spice notes wrap around the palate with a fluid and lively rhythm. Its balance is precise and full of strong herbal hints, thanks to its aromatic herbs. Mint and rosemary are also present on the nose, mixed with traces of hop blossoms and juniper. It ends with fresh mint balsamic notes on the nose.


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Un Gin Collesi delicato con sentori balsamici. Equilibrio preciso, buona persistenza e suggestioni erbacee molto marcate date dalle erbe.

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