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Giuseppe Collesi is a true source of inspiration when it comes to creating the perfect beer. His philosophy is simple but powerful: “Always strive for the best and strive even harder to surpass your goals once you achieve them.” He knows that to create truly exceptional beer, he needs the expertise of Belgium’s best brewmaster. And so, with the help of his ambassador friend, he manages to give shape to his vision of creating unparalleled beers that have earned international recognition and awards around the world over the past decade.

le Collesi

Where Collesi excellence is born

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the Spirits

Before beer, Collesi was and remains synonymous with high quality spirits; a twenty-year history born from passion and the search for perfect results.
From noble grape grappas to modern Gins, Collesi spirits are born in the heart of the Marche in an uncontaminated and generous environment, with ideal climatic conditions and excellent raw materials.


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