Gin Amarillo Hop

Fresh and balanced

The natural ingredients of an exceptional territory give this unaged and extraordinarily fresh Gin its originality: the high quality juniper berries typical of the Apennine Mountains, the crystal waters of Monte Nerone and, to give it a personal and unmistakable note, the Amarillo—an American variety of hop with particular aromatic qualities. The other botanicals used are grapefruit zest and orange zest. The ingredients are left to infuse in a pure-grain alcohol base. The infusion, diluted with water from Monte Nerone, is then refrigerated at -15°C for at least 30 hours, filtered and bottled.


Organoleptic characteristics

Clear and crystalline to the eyes, it unleashes a kaleidoscope of continuous surprisingly complex sensory nuances. Its aromatic notes unite the sensuality of tropical fruits with the
freshness of the citrus accents released by the Amarillo hop, completed with orange and grapefruit zest. Its flavor begins with a pleasant smoothness to then reveal, with exceptional balance,
the radiant transparency of grapefruit.

Raw material

Apennine Juniper Berries, Amarillo Hop, Grapefruit Peel, Orange Peel



Sensory Profile

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Alcohol by volume





700 ml BOTTLE

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Dal 30 MARZO al 10 APRILE

Sconti dal 10 al 20% sulle Birre
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