Craft beer

Magia 2022

Mellow and enticing

Perfect to brighten up your Christmas festivities, the double-malt, top-fermented and re-fermented in the bottle Magia blond ale, in its elegant metal green bottle, is initially distinguished by its white, compact and persistent foam; it has a delicate carbonation, a blond colour and fine effervescence. A beer that releases soft aromas of white flowers, a distinct aroma and light spiciness with a delicate flavour and a lingering aftertaste, persistent and very pleasant on the palate. Very smooth-bodied, soft and enveloping.


6 750ml bottles


Gastronomic pairings

Great to enjoy on its own or on any occasion; also ideal for both fish and meat dishes. Perfect for Christmas desserts and sweetmeats.


Mount Nerone water, Barley Malt, Sugar, Oat Flakes, Corn, Hops, Yeast, Orange Peel, Spices. The product contains gluten.

Sensory Profile

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Special Ale


Top, Refermented in bottle

Recommended glass

Stem Glass

Service temperature

0 %vol
Alcohol content
Grado Plato
IBU Bitter Grade
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