Craft beer


Strong and smooth

The dense, firm and fine-grained foam of the Collesi Triplo Malto Craft Beer is the result of the natural bottle conditioning process. Unpasteurized and obtained from an accurate selection of malts, it’s a light beer of fragrant aromas with notes of just-picked yellow fruits, fresh yeast and malt, vanilla, honey and bread crust. Balanced and intense on the palate, Collesi Triplo Malto Craft Beer is doughy and malty at the start, but ends with soft, fruity and prolonged hints of peach and apricot


Gastronomic pairings

Thanks to its body, it’s an ideal beer for every meal. The Collesi Triplo Malto Craft Beer is best with structured and complex first-course dishes, such as risotto, lasagne and pasta timbales with game-meat ragù, but also ravioli, tortellini and meat-stuffed cannelloni.
The distinctive personality of Collesi Triplo Malto Craft Beer complements strong-flavored second courses like roasts and stews.
It’s exceptional with all kinds of blue cheeses, from Gorgonzola to fourme d’ambert and valdéon


Monte Nerone Water, Barley Malt, Sugar, Hops and Yeast.

Sensory Profile

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Belgian Style Tripel Blonde


top-fermenting, bottle conditioned

Recommended glass

stem glass

Service temperature

0 %vol
Alcohol content
Grado Plato
IBU Bitter Grade
EBC Color

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