Craft beer


Joyous and light

When the days start getting longer and warmer, the Collesi Blanche Craft Beer is the ideal choice. Light-bodied, unpasteurized and naturally bottle conditioned, it smells of summertime.
With hints of flowers and exotic fruit, its special recipe contains the peels from lemons and oranges.
Pleasantly thirst quenching, Collesi Blanche Craft Beer is characterized by its well-balanced flavor and satisfying sense of freshness.


Gastronomic pairings

It happily accompanies finger food and fried vegetables during the cocktail hour. It’s perfect with Italian-style crudités and delicate meat- and fish-based dishes.
Especially fresh and light, Collesi Blanche Craft Beer enhances white-fish carpaccio made with sea bass, yellowtail or sea bream, and is delicious with raw shellfish drizzled with olive oil.
Irresistible, this Collesi Blanche Craft Beer is also ideal with focaccia breads and savory pies, fresh soft cheeses and even the simplest baked desserts, including fruit tarts and cakes.


Water from Monte Nerone, Barley Malt, Wheat Malt, Sugar, Hops, Orange Peels, Lemon Peels and Yeast.

Sensory Profile

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Belgian Blanche


top-fermenting, bottle conditioned

Recommended glass

stem glass

Service temperature

0 %vol
Alcohol content
Grado Plato
IBU Bitter Grade
EBC Color

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