Gin Barrel Reserve

Elegant and golden

This high quality gin has undergone a patient aging process and is obtained from a selection of raw materials of excellence. Barley grown in the Collesi estates, the purest water from Monte Nerone and seven different botanicals: juniper berries commonly found in the Apennine Mountains, visciole sourcherries from Marche with their sweet and juicy pulp, wild rose and Italian lemon and orange zest. The ingredients, artistically calibrated, are left to infuse in a pure-grain alcohol base. The infusion, diluted with Monte Nerone water, is then refrigerated at -15°C for at least 30 hours, filtered and aged in barrels for a year.


Organoleptic characteristics

The precious golden color of this gin anticipates its extraordinary sensory richness. On the nose it unveils a delicate fruity bouquet, with the striking freshness of lemon and orange, the delicate sweetness of visciola sour cherry and the dry touch of juniper, mixed with the persuasive and velvety notes of vanilla given by the barrel wood. Soon after, it ends with an aroma full of citrus, wood and caramel accents. T he flavor, with its great freshness and aromatic finesse, is equally elegant and enveloping.

Raw material

Apennine Juniper Berries, Visciola Sour Cherries from the Marche region, Walnut Husk, Hop, Wild Rose, Orange Zest and Lemon Zest



Sensory Profile

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Alcohol by volume





700 ml BOTTLE

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