Melodious and decisive

Raw Material
The secret behind Collesi Gin is in the excellence and variety of its ingredients. The purest water from Monte Nerone, the best barley grown in the Collesi estates and as many as seven different types of botanicals: above all, the precious juniper berries typical of the Apennine Mountains and also, the sweetest visciole sour
cherries from the Marche region, hops, wild roses, walnut shells and peels from Italian oranges and lemons. The botanicals, expertly dosed, are left to infuse in a pure grain
alcohol base. The infusion is then diluted with Monte Nerone water and then refrigerated at -15°C for at least 30 hours, filtered, bottled and then left to age in the dark for 4 long months.

Organoleptic Properties
The Collesi Gin unleashes the variety of all the botanicals infused in its preparation, providing a unique sensory experience. A
melodious and surprising harmony of accents that evokes the nature of which it is born. The dry notes of juniper unite with
fresh hints of citrus, while the subtle sweetness of visciola sour cherry completes its taste, making it unmistakable. Elegantly
smooth and fruity, its effect is extraordinarily fresh and dynamic, with both sweet and bitter notes.

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Alcohol by volume: 42,8%
Available sizes: 700 ml BOTTLE
Raw Material: Juniper, Visciola Sour Cherry, Hop, Walnut
Shell, Wild Rose, Orange Peel, Lemon Peel.

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