Collesi Vodka


Sharp and harmonious
Only highly selected ingredients for a vodka that captivates with its character. An elegant blend of superior quality grain, grapes and fine wines mixed with the absolute pureness of the water that flows from Monte Nerone. The artisanal process is as slow and articulated as a ritual. The alcohol undergoes intensive refrigeration for 56 hours, gradually being brought back to above zero so it can then be filtered up to 8 times

Organoleptic characteristics
Clear in its sensory nuance, it reveals a delicate and fruity fragrance on the nose, enriched by aromatic notes of cereals and grapes. It is full and, at the same time, smooth and harmonious on the palate. Versatile and impeccable sipped straight or as a base for cocktails, to be served at 3 ° C.

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Alcohol by volume: 40%
Category: VODKA
Serving Temperature: 3°
Available sizes: 700 ml BOTTLE

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Weight 1 kg
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